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Soul Eater Planet Mod APK –One day, the sunlight emanating from the sun changed to something strong and dangerous. People migrated from the earth to another rich planet to escape the sunlight. It was a perfect planet with water, air, and food. Nearby that ideal star was an eerie planet with a murky blue color. Many people landed on this planet to study it, but…Those people never came back. The people were on that planet. Cannibal Planet. It’s called.

This Soul Eater Planet Mod APK is a sequel to the persistently popular “Cannibal Planet” in TownSoft.
The story is not related to the previous game, so you can enjoy it from this game.
(The previous game was exclusive to the iPhone, but from this game onwards, it’s also compatible with Android.

You’ve wandered onto this planet and you’re going to explore a vast man-eating planet.
You decide which cards to use and send them out for the adventure, and then use the cards you gain from the adventure to create your own party. It’s a game where you strengthen you’re (deck) and repeat the adventure again.

Each character or monster takes turns using the cards they have equipped to fight the enemy.
In the previous game, the AI automatically selected cards, and sometimes they didn’t fight according to the player’s intentions.
However, in this game, the cards are more important than in the previous game, because they will fight according to the player’s intentions!

“Cards to attack twice next turn.
‘This card and the next one are immediately available.

These gimmick cards have been added to the game, which greatly expands your strategy.
(The order of the cards you use is so important that sometimes you can clear the game just by switching the order of the cards. ).

To go along with this, the battle scenes have been changed from the previous text display to a graphical-only display.
It’s very easy to see which cards you’ve used on whom, and it’s all represented in graphic form only. Speedy progress.
The speedy battle will fascinate you.

The building system, such as the “temple”, which was a feature of the cannibal planet, is still alive and well.
This time, you can build various buildings around your spaceship freely.
The cannibal planet, which started out as a blank slate, will become richer and richer as you progress through the building process.
Your friends will gradually increase in number as you advance in the construction process.

This Soul Eater Planet Mod APK game will be uploaded periodically to add more content.
If you have any bugs, please mention them in the review section. (I will).